ZoomInfo is a subscription-based platform, which lets you access information from business professionals. It is popular for people who work for sales, marketing, and recruitment companies.

The system provides database to help companies grow their connections. List contains important details include phone numbers, e-mails, and background information.

It serves as a professional network where you can add business details in your profile. Since you can connect with other colleagues of the same business, it can help you advance in your career. At the ZoomInfo Login page, it will prompt you to sign up for your free trial.

The database system helps you find the contacts you are looking for. You can search by using the company’s name, industry, location, function, and size. It also helps you to build your prospects and manage your database.

ZoomInfo Pricing

ZoomInfo can be an expensive choice compared to other data platform alternatives. You have to spend more than 5000 USD to maintain in a year. Roughly, you have to pay a dollar for a single contact.

ZoomInfo Reviews

ZoomInfo has a filter feature, which allows you to search for a targeted customer or a market. During filtering, the results will pull the top contacts you were searching for. This can help you to narrow down your search, leading to your main point of contact.

You can search a specific contact using their phone number, e-mail, zip codes, or job title. Afterward, you can navigate the system to find their background and personal details.

Navigating this database takes various steps. You need to pull the data a lot of times to get the desired information.

This type of searching process double dips on your credit. It can be expensive in the long run, especially when you are downloading the data into excel.

You can consider LeadsLibrary.com as an alternative to ZoomInfo. LeadsLibrary lets you buy high-quality data and e-mail lists, at a cheaper price.

Why LeadsLibrary is better than ZoomInfo?

• It offers more accurate e-mail lists. LeadsLibrary only provide authentic contact details from real people. We make sure that our database is always updated for the right search results.• It offers more accurate e-mail lists. LeadsLibrary only provide authentic contact details from real people. We make sure that our database is always updated for the right search results.

• We offer a free sample e-mail list. We provide samples to our valued customers before purchasing. This tests the quality of service we offer, before trying the real thing.

• LeadsLibrary provides the direct contact of a person. You do not have to go through generic contacts that can waste your time.

• The lists we provide are CRM ready. You can download our files in excel format in an instant. This saves time, effort, and money compared to a manual database search.

• It saves your hard-earned money. ZoomInfo leads are more expensive compared to LeadsLibrary . By spending less, it lets you save and reach a higher return on investment.

• LeadsLibrary lists executive contacts on a different website for better search. We also offer affordable 500+ job titles for sales on our database.

• We offer premium contacts of people. It includes the company name, contact details, direct mail, and job title to name a few.

• We do not limit your usage. Unlike ZoomInfo, we let our clients enjoy the ownership of our data. There are no hidden charges, annual fees, or data usage limits in Leadslibrary.com

• You can protect your payments through secured financial services like Paypal and Bitcoin.

• LeadsLibrary offer a 95% delivery rate. We are mindful that our data and lists are always updated before delivery.

LeadsLibrary is a good alternative option for ZoomInfo. It does not only saves your cash but also your time when expanding your connections. Visit LeadsLibrary.com to sign up and start growing your career or business.