Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions contained herein are meant to inform clients for Leads Library LLC (hereinafter referred to as LeadsLibrary.com ) about the general conditions and responsibilities that pertain to data, marketing, or other services obtained from LeadsLibrary.com. Individual agreements may vary.

License and Ownership

  1. Buyer accepts that all services and product obtained from LeadsLibrary.com are the property of LeadsLibrary.com. By buying services and products from LeadsLibrary.com you get a license to use the services and products on a restricted basis, as defined in the documentation for the order.
  2. When buying services or products from LeadsLibrary.com, you will be party to an agreement that defines the conditions for the license to use the services and products. These include the acceptable uses and term that typically include prospect research, marketing, and other forms of analytics.
  3. Upon termination or expiration of the license, buyer will destroy, return, or cease using the purchased products. Buyer agrees to execute a written affidavit as regards the methods employed to delete the services or products permanently, at LeadsLibrary.com's request.


  1. Unless the license agreement expressly allows the buyer to re-sell the purchased services and products, buyer agrees not to share, re-sell or transfer the services and products to a third party, except to the one confidentially bound to help provide businesses services to the buyer or their company.
  2. Services and products art to be used according to federal, state, and federal laws. These include those that protect consumers in employment, insurance underwriting, or credit-granting decision. All services and products must be used in strict compliance to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  3. LeadsLibrary.com has the right to review your use of our data to make sure that you are in compliance with this Agreement. Any failure of LeadsLibrary.com, however, to review your use does not imply agreement with such use. Neither does it constitute LeadsLibrary.com's waiver of rights or limit any obligation of the user as regards the Agreement or use of data. LeadsLibrary.com may, at any time, audit your records, with a prior notice of at least 3 days, to determine if you comply with this Agreement. Once notified of the audit request, you must make all records related to this agreement, as well as data usage available to LeadsLibrary.com or its appointed representatives to conduct the audit.

Exclusive Limited Time Warranty

Buyer is guaranteed by LeadsLibrary.com to provide data in a lawful and legitimate manner, and we shall use commercially-viable efforts to verify that all services and products are in compliance with state and federal laws as regards such data.

Licensor-provided information are compiled from sources available publicly. As such we cannot guarantee the accuracy.

Thus, we provide all information on an “as is” basis - without any kind of warranties. Buyer has limited time to inspect the services and products after receipt, and notify LeadsLibrary.com if any mistakes or problems are noted.

If it is verified that we made a mistake, we will exert reasonable effort to rectify at no extra charge to you. LeadsLibrary.com’s total liability is limited to the sum of money we received as payment under the agreement executed between the buyer and LeadsLibrary.com.

Email Marketing-Specific Responsibilities

  1. These laws include the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act, registries that may be necessary to do online business or marketing in a specific state, different do-not-contract registries maintained or adopted by a specific jurisdiction and / or the Child's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA 2000, 1998).
    We email marketing practitioners to stick to the guidelines provided by the ANA or Association of National Advertisers (DMA, formally) for email marketing use.Compliance Resources | Study moreDigital Compliance | Study moreDMA Ethical Guidelines | Study more
  2. Aside from the guidelines of the ANA, email marketers in the US may refer to the Small Business Association and the Federal Trade Commission for the complete guidelines on creating and maintaining online marketing campaigns that are compliant.CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business


Buyer shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless LeadsLibrary.com against all liability, expense, or damage related to claims arising from any of the purchaser’s breach of the agreement, including, but not limited to, infringement claims on trademarks, copyrights, intellectual property rights, or patents caused by data provision of the Licensee in conformity with this Agreement.

Vital Note

We clean up our database per a month frequently. Generally, our lists have more than 90-96% inbox deliver rate. This can help in improving the efficiency of your email campaign. We will not be responsible in case you get any bounce rates due to Email sending servers .It is best if you allow an expert email marketer to handle the campaign or Use Reputable Email sending service .

Database Delivery

Our team delivers the required database strictly through emails. Only then will you be able to make a purchase. When the payment has been approved by our billing department, you will immediately receive an email with a download link to the database. We give you a 100% guarantee that you will receive the database in maximum of 12 hours after making the payment. We inform you earlier In case delay of delivering database .

Relationship of the Parties

There is no partnership or joint venture created by this agreement between the buyer and LeadsLibrary.com. Each party will act independent of the other. Neither of the parties may reference the business relationship publicly without the other party’s express written consent.


If any provision in this Agreement is verified to be unenforceable or unlawful by a competent court or duly appointed arbiter, such provision will be considered amended in conformity with applicable regulations or laws, or if such amendment is not possible without altering the Parties’ intention materially, it will be removed from this agreement. All other provisions in this agreement, however, shall remain to be effective and in full force.

Refundable Terms

Sale of this Data is non-refundable and final. We have 96% email deliverability guarantee .If lower than 96% and you show us proof .We will replace with new contacts . Once You Ordered from us and After Payment is approved. We will send you entire product download link via Email in Excel/CSV format. Once you downloaded the product You will have 100% access to entire product. Therefore, we will not be able to make any refund to the clients once the database has been fully downloaded. Payments will be charged by Invoice or Website.

Quality of Data

We can give a rough estimate that at least 96% of the total emails are valid. We replace with new contacts which This is nonetheless a reasonably profitable number for an investment of less amount. We cannot offer you any sales guarantee if you intend to use the database for the purpose of marketing your products and services. We can only provide you with email leads. The rate of conversion you make will be entirely dependent on how you handle your marketing process. It should also be noted that businesses keep changing all the time. That is why we cannot exactly guarantee that all the emails included in the database are valid at any given point of time. However, we do update the database on a frequent basis, to minimize such inconveniences faced by the clients and improve the quality of the leads.

Governing Law

The Agreement is governed, enforced, and construed according to the laws of Wyoming, without regard to the principles on conflict of laws.


Any provision in this Agreement shall only be deemed waived by either of the Parties if there is a written notice from the Party bound by the waiver, and signed by a responsible officer of the said Party. No waiver can prevent either of the Parties to require compliance with the Agreement pertaining to other occasions or provision.

Binding Arbitration

Both Parties agree to the submission of any and all demands, claims, controversies, disputes, or causes of action that arise relating to, or out of, this Agreement (referred to as “Claims,” individually and collectively) to binding arbitration before the AAA or the American Arbitration Association.

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