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At one point, we’ve all become recipients of random promotional content that seems to come out of nowhere. Dubbed as email marketing, this type of content marketing is one of the most successful strategies in the online marketing industry. With just a few emails, practically any business can have its well-deserved big break.

Are you a startup owner or a troubled content marketing manager? Whichever your situation is, here’s the ultimate guide to ace your next email marketing strategy:

What Email Marketing Means

In its broadest definition, email marketing is the process of sending emails to every potential customer of a particular business. Typically, these emails are sent to a specific group of people – also known as the target market.

Why It Is Important

Did you know that email marketing has 40% higher success rates than social media promotions? This is especially true if a business’s target market consists of adults who probably check their emails several times a day.

Aside from the frequency of email visits, email promotions tend to be more authentic and personal than other forms of content marketing. This is due to its one-person-one-message nature. It creates an illusion that these emails are individually crafted to each sender’s needs. This is one of the most charming features of email marketing.

By now, you might be wanting to incorporate email marketing into your business. The question is, where and how do you start? Where can you even find the email addresses of your target market?

Worry not! In this article, you’ll be learning about two email list providers – LeadsLibrary and Salesgenie, and which one of the two is better.  

About LeadsLibrary

LeadsLibrary is an online email list provider with an international database in over 68 countries. Aside from email addresses, each contact is also packed with supporting information like job title, mail address, phone number, and other data fully consented by each user.

About Salesgenie

Salesgenie, also known as sales genie, salegenie, or sale genie, is yet another email list provider with almost the same content. It also offers direct information to your desired target market. However, many Salesgenie reviews will tell you that despite their wide experience in the email marketing industry, it still has its own set of flaws. 

Why LeadsLibrary Is Better

Although both email providers are equally reputable websites with a huge following, one is bound to rise over the other. With this, here are six reasons why leads from LeadsLibrary are better than genie lists:

  • More affordable

Compared to Sales Genie pricing, LeadsLibrary have lower pricing. This makes LeadsLibrary suitable for new businesses with little money to spend on promotions.

  • Higher Return of Investment (ROI)

For starters, the return of investment (ROI) is the ratio between a business’s net profit and its investment costs. To make it simpler for you, ROI serves as your profit.

With LeadsLibrary ’ affordable offers, you can get a higher ROI rate since you spent less money on promotional investments.

  • More Accurate Results

Although Salesgenie has its wide selection of email lists, LeadsLibrary has everything organized. This makes looking for your target niche a lot easier.

With LeadsLibrary , you can narrow everything down into the following specifications:

  • Departments (Finance, Administration, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, Information Technology, you name it!)
  • Industry
  • Job Title (CEO, Legal Officer, Human Resources Manager, Marketing Manager, etc.)
  • Job Type (C-Level, Vice President, Manager, Secretary, Staff, etc.)
  • Location (State or Country, City or Town, Zip Code)
  • Number of Employees (Input any number you want – the sky is the limit for this!)
  • Revenue (The same thing as the number of employees. The choice is yours to input!)
  • Type of Location (Headquarters / Main Office, Branch, Single Location, etc.)

It is also important to note that LeadsLibrary has over 500 job titles for an affordable price.

Looking for a set of contractors, engineers, and designers for your construction firm? Just type construction industry and you’re good to go!

Want to look for US-based graphic designers to promote your illustrating software? Just change your location to the US and the industry to graphic design, and your email recipients are just a few clicks away!

Huge Contact Database

Despite the various options that lead genie has, it cannot be compared to LeadsLibrary .’ While Salesgenie boasts of its 6 US and Canada – based database, LeadsLibrary has a wide array of databases in over 68 countries.

Only Verified People

Scared of spending too much effort on your email promotions only to send them to bots and generic emails? With LeadsLibrary , you can count on our 95% success rate in directing your emails to every receiver’s inbox.

By purchasing our email list services, gone are the days of worrying if your emails have reached your audience!

Better Updates

Compared to Salesgenie’s yearly updates, LeadsLibrary does them twice a week. This assures you that you’ll only get fresh and most recent contact information for your business’ promotions.

Free Samples, Not Free Trials

Although these offers almost sound the same, they can have different impacts on customers. For Salesgenie, you’ll get a three-day trial and free access to over 150 leads. That is, if you sign up for an account with all your personal and payment details.

On the other hand, LeadsLibrary leans more on free samples due to their accessibility. With LeadsLibrary’s free samples, you are free not to commit to our services yet until you’re ready. We’ll give you all the freedom to explore our services first before agreeing with a partnership.

No Commitments

To access their services, a salesgenie login is required. This can be a disadvantage for skeptical customers who want to try their services first.

For LeadsLibrary , no account is needed. All you have to do is write your contact information if you’ve decided to use our services. This removes the worry of forgetting to cancel your subscription or putting every payment information in your online account.

The Final Verdict

With LeadsLibrary ’ more extensive, affordable, and user-friendly services, it can serve as one of the most successful salesgenie alternatives that can help your business be the best version of itself.