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InsideView is a Software as a Service (Saas) company that supports connection building. It helps your business grow through their products, services, and marketing solutions.

They provide more than 40,000 leads with business information and contact details. Their system provides leads with social media along with its CRM data. InsideView provides solutions for marketing, sales, and strategies when gathering customers.

Their technology platform provides many services that make your data search much easier. It helps to sort out your business needs, improve sales, and increase your revenue.

Their leads merge with CRM software. CRM software monitors the customer’s activities through social media. It gives an idea of how a customer chooses and behaves, benefiting businesses.

InsideView Review

The InsideView database is easy to navigate and customize. The easy search tool gives any information when finding the right company for you. It allows users to access the company’s financials, charts, size, and even recent news.

Aside from a good user-interface, it creates lists based on location and industry. You can also view LinkedIn profiles by using the hyperlink. This decreases spending a lot of time when searching for profiles.

Most data given are accurate, yet, the contact details are sometimes off. Also, they do not provide a lot of information for international companies.

Sometimes, the database experience shutdown and a few minor glitches. The services are also not 100% free.

Why Choose as an Alternative?

LeadsLibrary provide accurate data results since their database is always updated. LeadsLibrary specialize in B2B email list building. offer more affordable services compared to others. After buying your lists, it is completely yours. Their lists only include direct contacts, so, you can start networking as soon as possible.
LeadsLibrary is  lower cost than insideview. can be an efficient alternative to expand your business. It does not only provide you the accurate data you need but also helps to save your resources.