Address: 012 Dummy Rd. #34, Dummy Address, DA 56789


Job TitleNumber of Contacts
Account Directors15000
Administration Directors - Director of Administration 7500
Art Directors7500
Board Member, Board of Director, Member of the board13500
Branch Director500
Business Development Directors16000
Business Director30000
Communication Directors - Director of Communications19000
Compliance Directors - Director of Compliance5000
Controlling Directors3000
Creative Directors9000
Customer Service Directors2000
Design Directors - Director of Design4750
Director of Audit2000
Director of Engineering - Engineering Directors13500
Director of Facilities - Facilities Directors6000
Director of IT -Director of Information Technology 26500
Director of Manufacturing,Director of Production17500
Director of Marketing - Marketing Directors60000
Director of Media - Media Directors5750
Director of Quality7000
Director of R&D100
Director of Risk3500
Director of Safety5750
Director of Sales Marketing -Sales Marketing Directors7500
Director of Security5000
Director of Software - Software Directors3000
Director of Technical8250
Director of Training - Training Directors5000
Executive Directors43500
Finance Director - Director of Financing18000
General Managers60500
HR Directors - Director of Human Resources31500
Maintenance Directors - Director of Maintenance3250
MIS Directors1000
Operation Director - Director of Operations44000
Payroll Directors600
Project Directors8500
Public Relation Directors3500
Purchasing Directors - Director of Purchasing4750
QC,QA Directors3000
R&D Director100
Sales Directors - Director of Sales45000