CCPA Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice for residents of California complements information found in the Leads Library Privacy Statement and its subsidiaries (referred to collectively as “we,” “us,” or “our.”)

It solely applies to users, visitors, and others residing in California (referred to as “you” or “consumers”). This notice is in compliance with the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) as well as other privacy laws in the State of California. All CCPA-defined terms mean the same as the terms used in this Privacy Notice.

Collected and Disclosed Information

We gather information identifying, relating to, describing, referring to, can be associated with, can be reasonable linked to, indirectly or directly, with a specific consumer or device (personal info). In the past 12 months, we have gathered and disclosed the following personal information categories from consumers:

1. Identifiers (like alias, real name, postal address, email address, online identifier, and unique personal identifier)YesIndirectly and directly from consumers, directories, company websites, 3rd party providers
2. Personal info categories as outlined in the Customer Records Statute of California Cal. Civil Code § 1798.80 (e) (name, phone number, address, employment, and educationYesDirectly from 3rd party providers, company websites, directories
3. Protected category characteristics under federal or California state law (like gender and age)No
4. Commercial information (like personal property records, services or products purchased, considered, or obtained, or other consumption or purchasing tendencies or histories)No
5. Inferences drawn from other personal info (like profile that reflects an individual’s characteristics, preferences, predispositions, psychological trends, attitudes, and behavior)No
6. Internet or other comparable network activity (like search and browsing history, information on a particular consumer’s interaction with an application, ad, or website)No
7. Geolocation data (like physical location)No
8. Sensory data (like visual, audio, electronic, olfactory, thermal, or other similar info)No
9. Employment-related or professional informationYesIndirectly and directly from consumers (like job history, directories, company websites, and 3rd party data providers
10. Non-public education info per Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act – 20 USC, Sec 1232g, 34 CFR Part 99 (like education record related directly to students maintained by educational institutions or parties acting on their behalf (like transcripts, grades, student schedules, class lists, student financial info, student ID codes, or student disciplinary records)No
11. Biometric info (like physiological, biological, and genetic characteristics, or identifying information like fingerprints, voiceprints, face prints, retina or iris scans, gait, keystroke, or other physical patterns, and sleep data)Note: We collect some information on general health and exercise.No

Note: Some included personal info above may overlap w/ other categories.

Use of Personal Info

We make use and disclose our collected personal information for business and commercial purposes, as detailed further in this Privacy Notice. These business and commercial purposes include, without limitations:

  • Our commercial purposes including helping businesses develop new customers, marketing, developing insights on consumer behaviors and interests, keeping relevant and up-to-date contact information, and enabling personalized and relevant marketing messages.
  • As spelled out in the CCPA, our business purposes include improvement of our services.

Sharing of Personal Info

Leads Library has the right to disclose your personal info to a 3rd party for business purposes. When disclosing personal info for business purposes, we enter into a contract describing the particular purpose, and requiring the recipient both to keep the personal info confidential, and not to use the same for purposes not stipulated in the contract.

We share personal info with the following 3rd party categories:

  • Affiliates and subsidiaries
  • Service providers and other contractors

Personal Information Disclosures for Business Purposes

In the past 12 months (1 year), we have disclosed the following personal information categories for business purposes to the parties mentioned above:


  • A - Identifiers
  • B - California Customer Records personal info categories
  • C - Protected classification characteristics under federal or California law
  • D - Commercial info
  • G - Geolocation data
  • I - Employment-related or Professional data
  • K - Drawn inferences from other personal info

We aim to provide control to consumers over the use and collection of their personal data. In consonance with this goal, we shall honor customer requests to opt-out of the process (disclosure and collection of their personal info). The following section (“Your Rights”) provides instructions on how you can opt out of our disclosure and collection of personal info process.

Your Rights

As provided by the CCPA, California residents (consumers) have specific rights over their personal data.

As such, you can request for disclosure to you of specific information regarding our use and collection of your personal info over the preceding 12 months.

After we receive and confirm your verifiable request, we shall promptly disclose to you information on:

  • The personal information categories we have collected pertaining to you
  • The source categories for the personal info we have collected pertaining to you
  • Our commercial or business purpose for selling or collecting the specific personal data
  • The 3rd party categories with whom we have shared the personal data
  • The particular pieces of personal info we have gathered about you

Likewise, you can request that we refrain from selling your personal data and remove all information we have gathered and retained that pertain to you, subject to CCPA-enumerated exceptions.

Upon receipt and validation of your consumer request, we will move to delete (and request our service providers or contractors to remove) all your personal data from our database, unless specific CCPA exceptions apply.

Rights to Exercise Access, Data Portability, & Deletion

When exercising the right to access, data portability, as well as deletion, you need to submit to us a verifiable consumer request by visiting http

We will only entertain requests from you or an authorized person you designate to make a request pertaining to your personal data on your behalf.

To authorize another person to make a request for you, you need to provide a written and signed permission designating the person to file such requests (may be subject to review by us). You can also issue a power of attorney to your agent.

When necessary, we may follow-up with you for identity verification before we process your designated representative's request. As a legal guardian or parent, you are allowed to make a verifiable request for your minor child.

You are only allowed to make verifiable consumer requests for data portability or access 2 times within a period of 12 months. To be valid, the request must:

  • Contain all necessary information that will allow us to confirm you to be the owner of the personal information we have collected or the duly authorized representative.
  • The request must be clear and detailed to allow us to understand, evaluate, and respond to properly.

We won't be able to act on your request or provide the personal information you need if we cannot validate your identity or the authority to request, and verify that the personal info pertains to you.

You do not need to have an account with us to make a verifiable consumer request. Only personal info provided in the request is used for verification of the requesting party's identity or the authority to file a request.

Timing and Format of Response

We act on verifiable consumer requests within 45 days from the date of receipt. If more time is needed (90 days maximum), we will let you know the reason, as well as the extension period through a written notice via electronic mail (email).

Disclosures that we give only covers the 12-month period before the receipt of the verifiable consumer request. Whenever applicable, the response will contain the reasons we are unable to comply with a particular request.

In case of data portability requests, we will make sure that the format we choose to provide your personal data, will present readily usable information, and will let you send the information to another entity hassle-free.

We will not charge any fees for processing or responding to your verifiable request, except when it is deemed, repetitive, excessive, or obviously unfounded.

If we deem that a fee is warranted, we well explain why it is necessary. We will give you a cost estimate before acting on your request.


You will not be discriminated against for exercising any of your rights as provided for by the CCPA.

We will not, unless allowed by the CCPA:

  • Deny you of services or goods
  • Charge different rates or prices for services or goods, including the granting of discounts and other benefits, or charging penalties
  • Offer a different quality or level of services or goods
  • Suggest you to receive a different rate or price for services or goods, or a different quality or level of services or goods.

Financial Incentives

We do not offer any payments or financial incentives as compensation to consumers for the collection, sale or deletion of personal data.


We do not, with full knowledge, maintain, collect, or disclose identifiable info on individuals below 18 years old to 3rd parties for application in marketing solicitations. Limited info pertaining to minors below 18 years old is used to create additional insights related solely to adult parent of the minor. We do not, however, disclose identifiable data about the minor individual as part of the feedback made and included within the record of the adult. (For instance, we only make flags to denote the presence of children or the age ranges of children.)

We do not, with full knowledge, maintain, collect or sell personal data pertaining to consumers below 18 years old for the purpose of directly advertising or marketing to minors. Once we determine that we have gathered personal data from a minor, we will promptly delete the data from our records.

Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time and at our discretion.

When we effect Privacy Policy amendments, we will post the amended notice on the website, and update the policy's effectivity date. Your continued patronage of our website after the posting of the updates establishes your acceptance of the amendments.

Thank you for reading the Leads Library CCPA request page.

Leads Library established this site for consumers in California to use their rights provided by the CCPA of 2018 to:

  1. Know the type of personal information collected about them by category.
  2. Know if one's personal data is sold to 3rd parties, as well the types of 3rd party by category.
  3. Access one's personal information categories.
  4. aying no to the sale of one's personal information by exercising the opt-out option and deleting one's personal data.